WealthPortal makes it easy to see and manage all of your clients’ assets and liabilities – investment and superannuation accounts – simple and complex portfolios – all in one place.

Consolidated reporting shows you the big picture

View and manage investments across multiple asset types and tax entities.


Consolidated portfolio administration and reporting makes it easy.

No need for multiple accounts

WealthPortal handles client investment and superannuation accounts across ASX-listed securities, managed funds, Separately Managed Accounts, property, term deposits, cash and more.

Listed Securities

Managed Funds

SMA Managed Portfolios

Term Deposits



Simple or Complex

Choose between two distinct investment service packages, both of which give you the ability to transact, administer and report across a range of investment types.

WRAP+ is for those with more straightforward portfolios while still offering term deposits, Separately Managed Accounts and consolidated reporting.




WealthPortal UMA Vantage is for those with complex portfolios, property investments and direct shares. Compare the investment products

Streamline SMSF administration and compliance

Do the SMSF tax planning any time of year

The 3-year view makes tax planning and decision making easier – anytime, anywhere. Learn more

Transact faster and more efficiently

Use one order pad for multiple asset types. Buy and sell shares, managed funds, SMAs, term deposits – by account or by investment – all in one place. Learn more

Save your team time

Tools and services are designed to streamline administration and simplify tax time for you and your team. Learn more

Online Corporate Actions

TD Maturity Alerts

Outsourced Mail Services

Report Library

Free up time to focus on what matters

Remove the burden of paper work and passwords associated with administering portfolios across multiple platforms, accounting packages or excel worksheets.

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