How It Works

WealthPortal offers consolidated portfolio administration, transacting and reporting making it easy for you to view and manage your clients’ investments across multiple asset types and tax entities.

An integrated one-stop platform for investments and super


Track your customised client groups, portfolios, investments, performance, assets and liabilities for all the client wealth under your advice.


View super contributions and pension payment details for 3 years at a time to facilitate tax effective planning.

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SMSF Services

Handle SMSF administration, transactions, reporting and tax all within the one environment.

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Set up Watchlists. Research shares, managed funds, SMAs and term deposits. Access company research, broker consensus reports and more.

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Buy and sell shares, managed funds, SMAs and term deposits – by account or by investment – all in one place.

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View and report on clients, their investment holdings and tax across multiple tax entities, giving you the visibility and control you want.

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Online tools enable you to create customised client groups and manage corporate actions, TD maturities and SMSF member balances online.

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Fees & FAQs

Easily access fee calculators, all the current offer documents & forms, answers to FAQs and training materials.

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Investors love WealthPortal too

WealthPortal offers your clients …

A single view of their total wealth position with up-to-date information based on timely administration, transaction and reporting

A reduced administration burden at a lower cost

A reduced tax compliance burden through comprehensive consolidated reporting and audit trails

More complete and timely information on which to make decisions

Why WealthPortal


Technology and performance
As a data management gateway, it allows share trades to be transacted straight through, advanced super management to take place and SMSF accounts to be opened in one seamless process.

Assets and liabilities

Using WealthPortal UMA Vantage as the mailhouse for your clients with complex portfolios means you can manage and report on:

Residential Property

Investment property

Private Companies & Trusts


Warrants and Stapled Securities

other financial instruments which are not necessarily listed assets (eg. agri schemes, structured products etc)

All in one place

Having all your clients’ assets and liabilities all in one place, whether they be traditional, alternative or complex, enables you to work more effectively with your clients to manage their investment and tax outcomes.

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