Consolidated daily investment and tax reporting is unique

All assets and liabilities can be unified into one report

All tax entities of the one client/family can be unified into one report

Every detail of every transaction since inception is recorded, reported and sorted

Give your clients the big picture of their wealth

The details are all there if they chose to drill down.

Get one single picture of the wealth under advice

Keep tabs on your business by portfolio, investment, asset allocation and client.


The details are there including FUA, Asset allocation, Portfolio FUA, Investments and Non-administered investments for your business by client and by groups of clients.

Compare reporting

Comprehensive daily investment and tax reporting is provided across all legal entities, relative to the investment type included in each package.

Whatever you chose you’ll get one consolidated view

Check your total wealth at any time of day, anywhere in the world with our easy-to-use online service. Drill down as required. There’s plenty of detail when you want it.

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