Transact more efficiently


Transact all in one place – no more logging in to separate accounts

The fully integrated order pad means you can buy and sell:

ASX Listed Shares and ETFs

Managed Funds

Separately Managed Accounts

Term Deposits

Super – Managed Investments

Transact faster and more efficiently

To meet your needs the order pad enables you to:

Transact by account – for one or more asset types

Transact by asset – on one account or multiple accounts

Transact via Cash Hub – view available cash balance, deposit or withdraw funds

Handle investment switches on the order pad

View all your orders in one place

Term Deposits - buy and manage term deposit maturities and rollovers

Want to sell a single investment for more than one account at the same time?

Transact by Asset.

It’s designed to make this as easy as possible.

Online investment switches

Save time by doing multiple legs of a switch at one time.


Place a single sell order and allocate the proceeds on a percentage basis or dollar value to one or multi buy instructions.


The buy order happens automatically once the proceeds have been received from settlement of the sell instructions.

Keep tabs on your orders

View all your orders in one place.


Search by order type, instruction, status or date range.

Transact all in one place

The WealthPortal order pad handles your client’s super and non-super investments.

Share (Custodial)

Share (Non-Custodial)

Separately Managed Accounts

Managed Funds

Term Deposits

Super – Managed Investments

Would you like the power to do more?