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All within the one environment

Would you like a 3-year snapshot of your clients’ SMSF account balances?

That’s why many advisers select WealthPortal to establish, administer and report on their clients’ SMSFs. The 3-year view makes tax planning and decision making easier – anytime, anywhere.

Money In will show you:


All types of Concessional Contributions for each member

All types of Non-concessional Contributions for each member

Money Out will show you:


Administration Fees

Insurance Premiums

Pensions Paid

Transfer Outs

Other Transactions

Online member balances available

Enjoy easy access to a detailed view of each member account balance with an up to date Provisional Member Balance.

Asset administration is easier

Enjoy integrated transaction, administration and reporting capabilities across one of the widest ranges of investment types in the market

Manage more sophisticated investments, such as loans (including limited recourse borrowing arrangements), directly-held shares, warrants, structured products and property

Access our integrated order pad, with comprehensive daily reporting provided across all assets and liabilities

Tax and audit services are offered

Comprehensive online reporting is provided daily and as part of the end of year tax report

All tax reports are reviewed, meaning SMSF auditors can rely upon the audit certificates provided as part of the client's tax report package

If mail house services are provided the annual tax report will include the substantiation documents that have been received throughout the year and that are required to complete an SMSF audit

Unlike many SMSF providers

WealthPortal offers you and your SMSF clients:

Online SMSF reporting and processing

Online access to tax and financial positions on a daily basis

Access to full custodial services (via mail house services) allowing trustees to hand over all the day-to-day investment administration

Also unlike other SMSF Providers

Transactions are not limited

Investments are not limited (except by SMSF rules)

Transfers are not limited

Optional services can make a big difference

Outsourced mail house services … means hands free paperwork and simpler administration

Rebuilding tax history transaction by transaction … means accurate portfolio information and tax reporting

Full and detailed tax reporting … means simpler, lower cost tax planning and management

Wherever and whenever …

The comprehensive online reporting is updated daily so you’re prepared to discuss SMSFs with your clients whenever.

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